Did you know...?

Did your university ever teach you that if you want to secure a business deal, singing in a Karaoke room with your Asian business partners may be just as important as drawing up a detailed marketing plan?

Did you know that in Asia making friends with your customer before discussing business may be crucial to winning orders?

Of course, I could continue endlessly asking such questions to demonstrate that the values and behaviour patterns that are an integral part of our culture may differ significantly from those in other countries and regions.

No doubt as a business person you know that your competitors strive to improve their products and services as much as you do, and this makes it harder for buyers to distinguish between rival offers. Therefore, not surprisingly it is the so-called "soft factors" that are playing an increasingly decisive role in the battles for the minds and hearts of customers on the other side of the world.

Does your customer in a country far from yours feel comfortable with you? Does he feel that you understand him and take him seriously? Does he think that you are trustworthy? The key to a positive answer is based on appropriate knowledge, understanding and empathy. Whereas knowledge can be acquired or purchased, understanding and empathy are more difficult to develop and impossible to buy.

Having lived and worked in places as diverse as the Middle East, Africa and Asia, I have become increasingly aware of just how much different cultures shape different business logics and philosophies. It gives me great pleasure to share my extensive experience and expertise with my clients.
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